Documents and Downloads

Below are a range of documents which will assist you when you utilise any of the various services available at pier21.

Also, if you provide services on-site, please download the "Service Providers Licence".


Pier 21 Health & Safety Induction

Click HERE to complete the Pier 21 Health & Safety Induction

Every person entering Pier 21 is required to complete an induction.

pier21 Marine Centre

15 Westhaven Drive
New Zealand

Phone: 09 374 4461

Services we provide

Drystack Boatpark
Boatyard (50T)

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Brokerage Facilities

We have multiple On-site Yacht Brokerage and Boat Sales partners who can help with facilitating the buying or selling of your boat or yacht.

Painting & Maintenance

Via our On-site partners, pier21 can offer a wide range of boat servicing options that give you choice in who you deal with.