COVID 19 Update Traffic Light Stage 3

Auckland moves to stage 3

As of 11:59pm Thursday 24th February Tuesday 5th New Zealand moves to stage 3 of the Traffic Light system. Pier 21 continues to be open for business as usual to help customers go boating and hauling your vessel for maintenance.

The following Protocols on use of the facilities will apply:

  1. Social distancing of 1.5m to be observed on site at all times.
  2. Scan QR Code by all persons visiting site. This will be implemented for as long as the government requests it.
  3. Hygiene: Washing of hands, use of sanitiser, wearing of PPE where necessary is encouraged when on site.
  4. We encourage you to wear a mask if you are working close with other people while on site.
  5. We encourage all visitors to this site to be fully vaccinated

(Link to Government advice: and

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Download a PDF of the current COVID 19 Operating Procedures

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