pier21 Hardstand Boatyard and Travelift

The pier21 Hardstand boatyard is the only available space in Westhaven where you have complete choice as to how, when and by whom your boat’s maintenance is carried out. The boatyard has room for 30 boats and has covered facilities available. Whether it is merely re-applying anti-foul or a complete refit, we have the space and the facilities to assist you.

On-site Service Partners are capable of handling all work that you would require, or if preferable, you can utilise your own tradespeople (subject to our standard site agreement for tradespeople)… the choice is yours.

The Travelift has a capacity of 50 tonne for vessels up to 25 m length and ensures safe lifting in and out of the water with experienced operating staff.

  • Lifting on and off boat transporters
  • General boat maintenance
  • Lift and Wash service
  • Hull surveys
  • Keel fitting / replacement
  • Anti-fouling and repainting
  • Propeller refurbishment and repair

Yacht in Travelift being placed into position for maintenance on the Hardstand.

Boat painting

Motor launch being repainted in an on-site facility to ensure the best possible outcome.


Propellor after being refurbished and cleaned on a vessel sitting on the pier21 Hardstand.

Hardstand and Travelift Pricelist

Prices may change at any time without notice.

For the period 1st September – 31st December boats on the hard in excess of 7 days will be charged double the daily rate.

Effective 1st March 2021 (GST exclusive)
Total LOA Feet (m) Up toReturn Lift (NZ$)Hardstand per day (NZ$)Waterblast (min.) (NZ$)On/Off Transport (NZ$)Lift/Hold 1 hour (NZ$)Lift/Hold 1/2 hour (NZ$)
27 / (8)3795278215314146
30 / (9)3886096250329172
33 / (10)41368102291348205
36 / (11)45577108335360215
39 (12)51385133367397242
43 / (13)57293138405435278
46 (14)648100148443460315
49 (15)781114166512534N/A
53 (16)935149178569584N/A
56 (17)1111174197639658N/A
59 / (18)1345184209683712N/A
62 / (19)1774206221746764N/A
66 / (20)1926233240810826N/A
Over 20 m - P.O.A.
Travelift Hire after initial lift - $370.00 per hour
For Vessels in shed - Double Daily Rate
Multi-hulls over 5 m beam - 1.5 times above Daily Rates
Fork Lift hire - POA subject to availability
All contractors working on site must have a current Service Providers Licence and completed Site Induction health and safety from Pier 21 Ltd. Documents on our web site.
Vessels lifted and stored at Owners Risk.
All prices are subject to confirmed measurements and our standard Terms and Conditions.

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