pier21 Drystack Boatpark

The pier21 Drystack boatpark has to be the best way for you to store your boat. Not only is it stored up out of the water in a well-ventilated and secure building, it saves you the hassle of hauling it down to the boatramp and queuing before you even get out onto the water.

The building incorporates a double racking system with accommodation for up to 190 craft (up to 9.2m), and utilises a unique and specially designed gantry to launch and retrieve your boat.

Here’s how it works for you… contact pier21, ask for your boat to be launched, arrive and park your car, walk to the marina, step on board and GO! Simple as that. When you return, we lift your boat out, wash it down and flush the engine then place it back in its berth.

  • Unlimited launch and retrieval
  • No anti-fouling required
  • Less osmosis & electrolysis
  • Less fading of canopies & paintwork
  • No trailer or heavy tow vehicle required
  • No launch ramp delays or damage

Your boat is waterblasted after being lifted out of the water and before it is stored in the Drystack.


The engine is flushed with fresh water to minimise salt corrosion.


The operator is right next to the boat at all times to ensure it isn't damaged in transit.

Drystack Pricelist – Monthly

Effective 1st September 2022
DescriptionLOAPrice (inc GST)
Southside Boat with canopy folded down.
Min Beam 1.5m
Up to 7.2m$822.00
Southside Boat with hardtop or canopy up.
Max height 2.4m
Max beam 2.5m
Up to 7.2m$972.00
Northside Boat with hardtop or canopy upUp to 8m$1,120.00
Northside Boat with Hardtop or canopy upUp to 9.2m$1,196.00
All prices are subject to confirmed measurements and our standard Terms and Conditions.
LOA: Measures from tip of anchor to back of engine.
All prices are per month. Include unlimited lifts in and out of water.
1 months’ notice by email is required to cancel your contract.

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